Small change in cookbook.txt about DVD-R DL

Thomas Schmitt 11 years ago
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@ -971,7 +971,7 @@ Media type can be recognized by Current Profile from 46h GET CONFIGURATION.
DVD-R 0011h
DVD-RW Restricted Overwrite 0013h
DVD-RW Sequential Recording 0014h
(DVD-R/DL Sequential Recording 0015h untested, might be single-session only)
DVD-R/DL Sequential Recording 0015h (can only do single-session)
There are two approaches for writing to sequential DVD-R[W]: DAO and
Incremental. Not all media and drives offer Incremental which allows
@ -1253,11 +1253,13 @@ track of the session.
Hearsay about DVD-R/DL (Dual Layer) :
Meanwhile confirmed by one user:
DVD-R/DL can assume profile 0015h DVD-R Dual Layer Sequential which is supposed
to behave like DVD-R or 0016h DVD-R Dual Layer Jump which has no counterpart
with DVD-R.
A half-sentence in mmc5r03c.pdf might indicate that closing a session
A half-sentence in mmc5r03c.pdf indicates that closing a session
by 5Bh CLOSE TRACK SESSION Close Function 010b overrides the multi-session bits
in mode page 05h.
growisofs applies this function in case of not DAO, though. A comment in