Bug fix: CD SAO sessions with data tracks started by an audio pause

Thomas Schmitt 10 years ago
parent 6956a3b3d3
commit 8ce54bcb28
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@ -1 +1 @@
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2012.05.08.080449"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2012.05.30.202249"

@ -296,8 +296,9 @@ A pre-gap of 2 seconds is mandatory only for the first track. Pre-gap and
post-gap may be needed with further tracks if they have neighbors with
different DATA FORM values. (Such mixing is not yet supported by libburn.)
DATA FORM is 00h for audio payload, 01h for audio pause, 10h for data,
41h for CD-TEXT in Lead-in.
DATA FORM is 00h for audio payload, 01h for audio pause (Lead-in and Lead-out),
10h for data, 14h for data pause (Lead-in and Lead-out).
This shall be ored with 40h for CD-TEXT in Lead-in.
(mmc5r03c.pdf CD-DA Data Form, CD-ROM mode 1 Form)
SCMS value 80h in conjunction with bit5 of CTL is an indicator for exhausted
@ -318,7 +319,8 @@ The next entry (eventually being the first one) describes the Lead-in.
Its content is
(CTL|ADR ,00h,00h, DATA FORM ,00h,00h,00h,00h)
With the CTL|ADR for the first track: 41h for data, 01h for audio.
DATA FORM is 41h if CD-TEXT shall be stored in Lean-in. Else it is 01h.
DATA FORM is pause (audio=01h, data=14h). Ored with 40h if CD-TEXT shall
be stored in Lean-in.
The LBA for the first write is negative: -150. This corresponds to MSF address
00h:00h:00h. All addresses are to be given in MSF format.
@ -354,8 +356,9 @@ A track must at least contain 300 payload blocks: 4 seconds of audio or
At the end of the session there is a lead-out entry
marking the end of the last track. (With libburn CTL is as of the last track.)
DATA FORM is 01h for audio, 14h for data.

@ -908,6 +908,12 @@ int mmc_write(struct burn_drive *d, int start, struct buffer *buf)
extern int burn_sg_log_scsi;
fprintf(stderr, "libburn_DEBUG: buffer sectors= %d bytes= %d\n",
buf->sectors, buf->bytes);
c = &(d->casual_command);
#ifdef Libburn_log_in_and_out_streaM

@ -508,11 +508,13 @@ struct cue_sheet *burn_create_toc_entries(struct burn_write_opts *o,
"Track mode has unusable value", 0, 0);
goto failed;
if (tar[0]->mode & BURN_AUDIO)
leadin_form = 0x01;
leadin_form = 0x14;
if (o->num_text_packs > 0) {
leadin_form = 0x41;
leadin_form |= 0x40;
} else {
leadin_form = 0x01;
/* Check for CD-TEXT in session. Not the final creation,
because the cue sheet content might be needed for CD-TEXT
pack type 0x88 "TOC".
@ -522,7 +524,7 @@ struct cue_sheet *burn_create_toc_entries(struct burn_write_opts *o,
if (ret < 0)
goto failed;
else if (ret > 0)
leadin_form = 0x41;
leadin_form |= 0x40;
@ -803,7 +805,9 @@ XXX this is untested :)
e[2].pmin = m;
e[2].psec = s;
e[2].pframe = f;
ret = add_cue(sheet, ctladr | 1, 0xAA, 1, 1, 0, runtime);
ret = add_cue(sheet, ctladr | 1, 0xAA, 1, leadin_form & 0x3f,
0, runtime);
if (ret <= 0)
goto failed;
return sheet;