Commit 99e828c7 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Reacted on compiler warning about theoretical overflow of an sprintf

parent 2886b82b
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2017.09.16.095011"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2017.09.16.105142"
......@@ -1702,7 +1702,7 @@ int burn_disc_close_track_dvd_minus_r(struct burn_write_opts *o, int tnum)
int burn_disc_finalize_dvd_plus_r(struct burn_write_opts *o)
struct burn_drive *d = o->drive;
char msg[80];
char msg[20 + 80]; /* filltext + profile */
sprintf(msg, "Finalizing %s ...",
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