Made cdrskin configuration more friendly to other distros

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Mario Danic 2006-12-10 16:32:19 +00:00
parent c4c571f7e3
commit 9a0442b60c

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@ -1352,11 +1352,12 @@ int Cdrtrack_has_input_left(struct CdrtracK *track, int flag)
/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/** The list of startup file names */
#define Cdrpreskin_rc_nuM 3
#define Cdrpreskin_rc_nuM 4
static char Cdrpreskin_sys_rc_nameS[Cdrpreskin_rc_nuM][80]= {
"placeholder for $HOME/.cdrskinrc"
@ -2022,7 +2023,7 @@ set_dev:;
"Preconfigured arguments are read from the following startup files\n");
"if they exist and are readable. The sequence is as listed here:\n");
printf(" /etc/default/cdrskin /etc/opt/cdrskin/rc $HOME/.cdrskinrc\n");
printf(" /etc/default/cdrskin /etc/opt/cdrskin/rc /etc/cdrskin/cdrskin.conf $HOME/.cdrskinrc\n");
printf("Each file line is a single argument. No whitespace.\n");
"By default any argument that does not match grep '^-.' or '=' is\n");