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@ -221,10 +221,12 @@ Enhancements towards previous stable version cdrskin-0.2.2:
<DT><H3>Development snapshot, version 0.2.5 :</H3></DT>
<DD>Enhancements towards stable version 0.2.4:
<LI>Option <KBD><B>-tao</B></KBD> is fully enabled.
With single track or with undefined size from standard input,
default is -tao. With other multi-track sessions, default is -sao.
(The latter is an intentional deviation from cdrecord defaults.)
<LI>Option <KBD><B>-tao</B></KBD> is fully enabled.<BR>
SAO is still the preferred default but TAO is default if a track of
unpredicted size is present (stdin, named pipe, ...) or if a follow-up
session is written to an appendable CD.
(This is an intentional deviation from cdrecord defaults which themselves
have changed with the newest cdrecord versions.)
<LI>Status report during blank, preparation and finalization improved.</LI>
<LI>Bug fixed: Trailing trash appended to .wav files caused error message