Commit abe560a6 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Removed an obsolete note message from cdrskin --devices

parent 2a991bba
......@@ -2637,13 +2637,6 @@ return:
} else if(strcmp(argv[i],"--devices") == 0 ||
strcmp(argv[i],"--device_links") == 0) {
#ifndef Cdrskin_extra_leaN
printf("Note: If this hangs for a while then there is a drive with\n");
printf(" unexpected problems (e.g. ill DMA).\n");
printf(" One may exclude such a device file by removing r- and w-\n");
printf(" permissions for all cdrskin users.\n");
#endif /* ! Cdrskin_extra_leaN */
o->no_whitelist= 1;
o->demands_cdrskin_caps= 1;
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2013.06.28.104134"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2013.06.28.104316"
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