Enabled Burnfree buffer underrun protection by default

Thomas Schmitt 16 years ago
parent 0aafc18ac7
commit b18b889750

@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
.\" First parameter, NAME, should be all caps
.\" Second parameter, SECTION, should be 1-8, maybe w/ subsection
.\" other parameters are allowed: see man(7), man(1)
.TH CDRSKIN 1 "January 12, 2007"
.TH CDRSKIN 1 "January 30, 2007"
.\" Please adjust this date whenever revising the manpage.
.\" Some roff macros, for reference:
@ -247,9 +247,10 @@ Be aware that deprecated option --old_pseudo_scsi_adr may change the meaning
of Bus,Target,Lun addresses.
.BI driveropts= opt
Set "driveropts=burnfree" to enable the drive's eventual protection mechanism
against temporary lack of source data (i.e. buffer underrun).
It is not an error to do this with a drive that has no such capabilities.
Set "driveropts=noburnfree" to disable the drive's eventual protection
mechanism against temporary lack of source data (i.e. buffer underrun).
A drive that announces no such capabilities will not get them enabled anyway,
even if attempted explicitely via "driveropts=burnfree".
.BI \-dummy
Try to perform the drive operations without actually affecting the inserted
@ -465,7 +466,7 @@ fifo_start_at= combine a quick burn start and a large savings buffer to
compensate for temporary lack of source data. At the beginning of burning,
the software protection against buffer underun is as weak as the size of
fifo_start_at= . So it is best if the drive offers hardware protection which
has to be enabled by driveropts=burnfree.
is enabled automatically if not driveropts=noburnfree is given.
.BI \--list_ignored_options
List all ignored cdrecord options. The --options cannot be used as addresses
@ -604,15 +605,13 @@ cdrskin -v dev=/dev/sr0 blank=format_overwrite
cdrskin -v dev=/dev/hdc speed=12 fs=8m \\
driveropts=burnfree -sao -eject \\
padsize=300k my_image.iso
-sao -eject padsize=300k my_image.iso
.B Write compressed afio archive on-the-fly:
find . | afio -oZ - | \\
cdrskin -v dev=0,1,0 fs=32m speed=8 driveropts=burnfree \\
cdrskin -v dev=0,1,0 fs=32m speed=8 \\
padsize=300k -tao -
@ -634,9 +633,7 @@ mkisofs ... -C "$c_values" ...
.B Write audio tracks to CD:
cdrskin -v dev=ATA:1,0,0 speed=48 \\
driveropts=burnfree -sao \\
cdrskin -v dev=ATA:1,0,0 speed=48 -sao \\
track1.wav track2.au -audio -swab track3.raw
@ -691,7 +688,7 @@ Other CD/DVD burn programs:
.BR wodim (1)
For DVD burning:
For DVD burning (also tutor of libburn's DVD capabilities):
.BR growisofs (1)

@ -2521,7 +2521,7 @@ int Cdrskin_new(struct CdrskiN **skin, struct CdrpreskiN *preskin, int flag)
o->block_type= BURN_BLOCK_SAO;
o->multi= 0;
o->write_start_address= -1.0;
o->burnfree= 0;
o->burnfree= 1;
o->do_eject= 0;
o->eject_device[0]= 0;
o->source_path[0]= 0;

@ -1 +1 @@
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2007.01.30.191740"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2007.01.30.220220"