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@ -169,8 +169,8 @@ Burn image file my_image.iso to CD
-eject my_image.iso
Burn a compressed afio archive to CD on-the-fly
find . | afio -oZ - | cdrskin -v dev=0,1,0 fs=32m speed=8 -sao \
driveropts=burnfree padsize=300k tsize=650m -
find . | afio -oZ - | cdrskin -v dev=0,1,0 fs=32m speed=8 -tao \
driveropts=burnfree padsize=300k -
Burn 6 audio tracks from files with different formats to CD.
Anything except .wav or .au files has to be converted into raw format first.
@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ or a device file address as listed by --devices with an accessible drive :
Set usage of cdrskin with appropriate options rather than cdrecord :
export SCDBACKUP_CDRECORD="cdrskin -v -v tao_to_sao_tsize=650m"
export SCDBACKUP_CDRECORD="cdrskin -v -v"
Run a backup :
@ -207,17 +207,10 @@ Run a backup :
The convenient burn mode TAO is becoming available with libburn right now.
First experiments have shown good results with a single track. Nevertheless
the possible pitfalls still have to be explored.
Therefore TAO is still defaulted to mode SAO which needs to know the track
size in advance. non-cdrecord option tao_to_sao_tsize=650m causes each CD
to get burned up to 650 MB regardless of the payload size.
Compile with
cdrskin/compile_cdrskin.sh -experimental
to enable explicit option -tao. (Note that -sao for now is default even then.)
No multi session yet ... Please report your wishes.
No multi session yet.
Please report your wishes about other not yet supported options.
Inspiration and Standard

@ -1,5 +1,15 @@
libburn.pykix.org scdbackup.sourceforge.net/cdrskin
Deliberate deviations of cdrskin from cdrecord compatibility:
+ gracetime=0 is allowed and set by default
+ -pad is always set for audio tracks
+ -sao is default for multi-track sessions with all track lengths defined
@ -1371,12 +1381,21 @@ Cared for some SCSI error conditions which were ignored up to now
Made -tao default for single track or stdin, -sao for any other multi-track
7 Nov 2006 [358]
Prepared next cdrskin-0.2.5 upload cycle
------------------------------------ cycle - cdrskin-0.2.5 - 2006.11.07.
------------------------------------ cycle - cdrskin-0.2.5 - 2006.11.07.131746
Updated documentation about TAO
------------------------------------ cycle - cdrskin-0.2.5 - 2006.11.07.131746

@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
cdrskin Wiki - plain text copy
cdrskin-0.2.3 is the cdrecord compatibility middleware of libburn.
cdrskin-0.2.5 is the cdrecord compatibility middleware of libburn.
Its paragon, cdrecord, is a powerful GPL'ed burn program included in Joerg
Schilling's cdrtools. cdrskin strives to be a second source for the services
@ -12,12 +12,16 @@ Its future ability to burn DVD media depends on the development of libburn.
cdrskin does not contain any bytes copied from cdrecord's sources.
Many bytes have been copied from the message output of cdrecord
runs, though. The most comprehensive technical overview of cdrskin
can be found in cdrskin/README .
can be found in cdrskin/README . Online available as :
cdrskin with CD media fails to match its paragon cdrecord on two major
fields: convenient TAO burn mode and multi session.
cdrskin with CD media fails to match its paragon cdrecord on one major field:
Multi session.
Convenient TAO burn mode is provided in development version 0.2.5 but not in
current "stable" release 0.2.4.
cdrskin does not provide DVD burning yet. See advise to use dvd+rw-tools
at the end of this text.
@ -125,6 +129,10 @@ tao_to_sao_tsize=<num> allows the - actually unsupported - cdrecord option
-tao and defines a default track size to be used if - as custom with -tao -
no option tsize=# is given.
Since -tao is supported in cdrskin-0.2.5 the TAO-to-SAO workaround on its way
to obsolescence. Nevertheless, tao_to_sao_tsize= allows to preset a default
size for SAO mode which is in effect only if no track size is available.
As in general with cdrskin tsize=# the data source does not have to provide
the full annouced amount of data. Missing data will be padded up by 0-bytes.
Surplus data is supposed to cause an error, though. The burn will then