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@ -4,6 +4,11 @@
# class interconnections in the notation of my C stub generator CgeN
# (see also end of this text)
# next : transport.h : struct burn_format_descr
# Open questions:
# - how to connect to GESTURES ? Globally ?
@ -19,7 +24,7 @@ which it reflects and augments by its own architectural concepts.
-r -m struct CevapeqP *equip
-r -m struct CevapequiP *equip
-r -m struct CevapjoB *job
-r -m struct CevapauX *aux
-r -m struct CevapgestureS *gestures
@ -36,9 +41,10 @@ This includes the system, drives, media, and their current states.
-r -v struct CevapI *boss
-r -m struct CevapsysteM *sys
-v struct CevapgestureS *gestures
=end Class
@ -55,7 +61,10 @@ Cgen=\
-r -v struct CevapI *boss
-r -m struct CevaptodO *todo
-v struct CevapgestureS *gestures
# >>>
=end Class
@ -71,7 +80,10 @@ Boss=API
-r -v struct CevapI *boss
-v struct CevapgestureS *gestures
# >>>
=end Class
@ -87,7 +99,13 @@ Subordinates=SCSI_CMD
-r -v struct CevapI *boss
-v struct CevapequiP *equip
-v struct CevapjoB *job
-v struct CevapauX *aux
-r -m struct CevapscmD *scsi_cmd
# >>>
=end Class
@ -101,6 +119,14 @@ This layer models each SCSI command that is used by libdax. It knows about
its parameters and constraints with particular equipment and jobs.
Subordinates=Classes with SCSI_EXEC Interface
-r -v struct CevapgestureS *boss
-r -m struct CevapsexeC *scsi_exec
# >>>
=end Class
@ -114,10 +140,13 @@ Boss=SCSI_CMD
-r -v struct CevapscmD *boss
-p -v struct CevapsforM *scsi_format
-p -v struct CevapsservicE *scsi_service
-v int silent_on_scsi_error
# >>>
=end Interface
@ -134,7 +163,19 @@ Cgen=\
-r -v struct CevapsexeC *boss
-p -v struct CevapstransP *scsi_transport
# former struct command
-v unsigned char opcode[16]
-v int oplen
-v int dir
-v int dxfer_len
-v unsigned char sense[128]
-v int error
-v int retry
-v struct CevapbuffeR *page
# >>>
=end Class
@ -196,12 +237,12 @@ Boss=EQUIP
-r -v struct CevapeqP *boss
-r -v struct CevapequiP *boss
-r -m char *infotext
-r -l struct CevapdrivE *drive
-p -v struct CevapdrivE *eol_drive
# >>> be boss of SCSI_CMD ?
# >>> be boss of SCSI_CMD ? (Rather than GESTURES)
# >>>
@ -220,23 +261,36 @@ Boss=EquipSystem
-l cevapdrive
-r -v struct CevapsysteM *boss
# Drive number
-r -v int global_index
# The persistent system drive address
-r -m char *devname
# Traditional SCSI address parameters (-1 if not applicable)
-r -v int bus_no
-r -v int host
-r -v int id
-r -v int channel
-r -v int lun
# (ex struct burn_scsi_inquiry_data)
-r -v char idata_vendor[9]
-r -v char idata_product[17]
-r -v char idata_evision[5]
-r -v int idata_valid
# mc5r03c.pdf 5.3.2 Physical Interface Standard
# 1=SCSI, 2=ATAPI, 3,4,6=FireWire, 7=SATA, 8=USB
-r -v int phys_if_std
# MMC-5 5.3.2 table 91 , e.g. "SCSI Family"
-r -m char *phys_if_name
-r -v int block_types[4]
# (ex struct scsi_mode_data)
# (former struct scsi_mode_data)
-p -v int mdata_buffer_size
-p -v int mdata_dvdram_read
-p -v int mdata_dvdram_write
@ -251,6 +305,13 @@ Cgen=\
-p -v int mdata_max_read_speed
-p -v int mdata_max_write_speed
-p -v int madata_min_write_speed
# Results from ACh GET PERFORMANCE, Type 03h
# (Speed values go into *_*_speed)
# speed_descriptors became cevapperf which is under cevapmedia
-p -v int min_end_lba
-p -v int max_end_lba
-p -v int mdata_cur_read_speed
-p -v int mdata_cur_write_speed
-p -v int mdata_retry_page_length
@ -260,13 +321,20 @@ Cgen=\
-p -v int mdata_c2_pointers
-r -v int mdata_underrun_proof
-p -v int mdata_valid
# >>> How to handle this by cgen ? : -v pthread_mutex_t access_lock
# Flags from feature 002Fh feature descriptor mmc5r03c.pdf 5.3.25 :
# bit1= DVD-RW supported
# bit2= Test Write available
# bit3= DVD-R DL supported
# bit6= Buffer Under-run Free recording available (page 05h BUFE)
# Value -1 indicates that no 002Fh was current in the features list.
-r -v int current_feat2fh_byte4
-v volatile int released
-v struct CevapbuffeR *buffer
# >>> next to process: transport.h : struct burn_toc_entry *toc_entry;
# >>> transport.h : toc_temp (what is this ? It belongs to BURN_WRITE_RAW)
# >>>
@ -288,24 +356,49 @@ Boss=EquipDrive
-r -v struct CevapdrivE *boss
-r -m struct CevapstatuS *status
-r -l struct CevapprofilE *profile
-p -v struct CevapprofilE *eol_profile
# MMC-to-MMC feature info from 46h for DVD-RW.
# Quite internal. Regard as opaque :)
# 1 = incremental recording available, 0 = not available
-r -v int current_has_feat21h
# Link Size item number 0 from feature 0021h descriptor
-r -v int current_feat21h_link_size
# Wether a DVD-RW media holds an incomplete session
# (which could need closing after write)
-v int needs_close_session
# 0=needs format start, 1=needs format restart
-r -v int bg_format_status
# From 23h READ FORMAT CAPACITY mmc5r03c.pdf 6.24
# 1=unformatted, 2=formatted, 3=unclear
-r -v int format_descr_type
# meaning depends on format_descr_type
-r -v off_t format_curr_max_size
# dito
-r -v unsigned int format_curr_blsas
-r -v int best_format_type
-r -v off_t best_format_size
-r -l struct CevapformaT *format_descriptor
-p -v struct CevapformaT *eol_format_descriptor
-r -v int nwa
-r -v int start_lba
-r -v int end_lba
-r -m struct CevapmcapS *multicaps
# Results from ACh GET PERFORMANCE, Type 03h
# (Speed values go into drive.mdata_*_*_speed)
-r -l struct CevapperF *speed_descriptor
-p -v struct CevapperF *eol_speed_descriptor
# >>>
=end Class
@ -330,7 +423,9 @@ Cgen=\
-r -v int is_supported_profile
-r -l struct CevapfeaturE *feature
-p -v struct CevapfeaturE *eol_feature
# >>>
=end Class
@ -345,7 +440,9 @@ Boss=EquipProfile
-l cevapfeature
-r -v struct CevapprofilE *boss
# >>>
=end Class
@ -354,12 +451,24 @@ Author=Thomas Schmitt <>
>>> EquipFormat
EquipFormat represents a single Formattable Capacity Descriptor
as of mmc5r03c.pdf .
-l cevapformat
-r -v struct CevapmediA *boss
# format type: e.g 0x00 is "Full", 0x15 is "Quick"
-r -v int type
# the size in bytes derived from Number of Blocks
-r -v off_t size
# the Type Dependent Parameter (usually the write alignment size)
-r -v unsigned int tdp
# >>>
=end Class
@ -373,7 +482,9 @@ Boss=EquipMedia
-l cevapperf
-r -v struct CevapmediA *boss
# >>>
=end Class
@ -392,12 +503,26 @@ cevapstatus
-m char *status_text
-v volatile int busy
-v struct CevapprofilE *current_profile
-v int erasable
# From 51h READ DISC INFORMATION Number of Sessions (-1)
-v int complete_sessions
# From 51h READ DISC INFORMATION Last Track Number in Last Session
-v int last_track_no
# From various sources : free space on media (in bytes)
# With CD this might change after particular write
# parameters have been set and nwa has been inquired.
-v off_t media_capacity_remaining
# if > 0 : first lba on media that is too high for write
-v int media_lba_limit
-v struct CevapprogresS *progress
# >>>
=end Class
@ -413,7 +538,9 @@ Boss=EquipMedia
-r -m struct CevapdisC *disc
# >>>
=end Class
@ -434,11 +561,11 @@ Cgen=\
-v unsigned char min
-v unsigned char sec
-v unsigned char frame
-v int pmin
-v int psec
-v int pframe
-v int start_lba
-v int track_blocks
@ -462,7 +589,9 @@ Subordinates=JobDisc,JobOptions
-v volatile int cancel
# >>>
=end Class
@ -481,7 +610,9 @@ cevapdisc
-r -v struct CevapsessioN *eol_session
-l struct CevaptociteM *toc_entry
-r -v struct CevaptociteM *eol_toc_entry
# >>> take over services of struct burn_disc
=end Class
@ -505,6 +636,7 @@ Cgen=\
-r -v struct CevaptracK *eol_track
# >>>
=end Class
@ -521,7 +653,9 @@ Boss=JobSession
-l cevaptrack
-r -v struct CevapsessioN *boss
# >>>
=end Class
@ -538,7 +672,9 @@ Cgen=\
-v int alba
-v int rlba
# >>>
=end Class
@ -593,14 +729,19 @@ underrun protection, random access addressing.
# >>>
# Keeping an eye on the drive buffer
-v int wait_for_buffer_free
-v unsigned int wfb_min_usec
-v unsigned int wfb_max_usec
-v unsigned int wfb_timeout_sec
-v unsigned int wfb_min_percent
-v unsigned int wfb_max_percent
# >>> -m struct params params (used by disabled read cd funtionality)
=end Class
@ -613,7 +754,9 @@ JobBuffer is an intermediate storage for the content of several JobBlock
or JobSourceBlock.
# >>>
-r -m unsigned char *data
-v int sectors
-v int bytes
=end Class
@ -625,6 +768,8 @@ Documentation=\
JobProgress reflects the state and parts of the history of a job
# Keeping an eye on the drive buffer
-v int nominal_write_speed
-v off_t pessimistic_buffer_free
-v int pbf_altered
@ -648,6 +793,14 @@ Documentation=\
=end ClassDiagram=Equip_overview
# >>>
=end ClassDiagram=Gestures_overview
# >>> a dummy to be integrated into the model
@ -713,10 +866,9 @@ break
Description of CgeN
cgen produces a class stub in C programming language. The data structure of
the class is described by some lines which get read from stdin. The stub will
consist of two files <classname>.h and <classname>.c which emerge in the
@ -747,6 +899,47 @@ Command line options
declarations. Currently it lists the existence of all class
Input line format:
There are two states of input: class level and element level.
Exampes are shown below with class roles and element roles.
Input starts at class level. A class level line may be one of
- Comment. A line which begins with '#' is ignored on class level.
- Empty. A line with no characters is a comment with empty text (i.e. ignored).
- Class. Options which begin with '-' and finally a word in lowercase letters
which defines the <classname>. The classname leads to a struct ClassnamE
and some class methods implemented as C functions <Classnname>_<func>().
- End of input. Line "@@@" or EOF at stdin end the program run.
After a class line, input switches to element level where a line may be:
- Comment. A line which after some white space begins with '#' is considered
a comment. The preceeding white space is ignored and the text after '#' is
eventuellay trimmed by a single blank at both ends. This text will be part
of the class struct definition within file <classname_private>.h as a single
C comment line /* ... */. The sequence of elements and comments is preserved.
An empty comment text leads to an empty line in <classname_private>.h.
- Empty. A line with no characters is a comment with empty text.
- Element. Options which begin with '-', eventual C keywords "unsigned" or
"volatile", type or "struct <NamE>", element name. This leads to a struct
element which is taken into respect in some class methods. Depending on the
options in this line, some element methods <Classnname>_<func>_<element>()
may get generated.
- End of class. A single '@' marks the end of the element list and brings
input back to class level. I.e. next is expected another class name or
"@@@" or EOF at stdin.
Input semantics:
A class can have one of two roles:
- Standalone class.
@ -764,13 +957,24 @@ A class can have one of two roles:
Input example:
-l my_class
A modifier is defined for listable classes:
- Bossless listable. cgen will not warn if the first element is not
struct <Some_clasS> *boss
and will not include a parameter *boss into the constructor. I.e. it will
look like the constructor of non-listable classes:
A modifier is defined for classes:
- Bossless. Disables a special boss-subordinate relationship which is created
if the first element of a class is a struct pointer with the name "boss".
-l <classname>
-v struct Some_clasS *boss
Normally such a parameter *boss becomes part of the constructor method
<Classname>_new(struct <ClassnamE> **o, struct Some_clasS *boss, int flag);
This relationship is typical for a listable class and a single class which
is designed to host instances of that listable class. Therefore one gets a
warning if a listable class does not begin with a struct pointer *boss.
But if -b is given, then CgeN ill not include a parameter *boss into the
constructor. It will rather look normal:
<Classname>_new(struct <ClassnamE> **o, int flag);
It will not warn if the first element of a listable class is not struct
pointer *boss.
Elements have one of the following roles:
@ -825,7 +1029,7 @@ method <Classname>_set_<element>_set() can be controled by two modifiers:
- Bossless listable. This marks elements which are listable objects but do not
expect a boss pointer in their constructor. See above: Listable class and
the bossless listable modifier for classes.
the bossless modifier for classes.
Input example
-b -l struct XyZ *list
-v struct XyZ *last_in_list