New option assert_write_lba=

Thomas Schmitt 16 years ago
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commit bd529442ed

@ -580,6 +580,20 @@ contain a "=" character.
By default such arguments are seen as misspelled options. It is nevertheless
not possible to use one of the options listed with --list_ignored_options.
.BI assert_write_lba= block_number | byte_address
Abort if the write address given with this option is not the same as predicted
immediately before the write session starts. This option can ensure that a
start address which was presumed by a formatter like mkisofs -C is really used
by the drive for writing.
assert_write_lba=0 effectively demands blank media and excludes appendables.
Block numbering is peculiar: If the last character of the option string is
a letter [a-zA-Z] then the usual unit scaling by "s", "k", "m", etc. applies
and the result is divided by 2048. Else the number value of the string is
taken as plain block number with block size 2048 byte.
(E.g ...=1000 or ...=1000s means block 1000, ...=1m means block
512, ...=4096b means block number 2)
.BI \--demand_a_drive
Exit with a nonzero value if no drive can be found during a bus scan.

@ -249,6 +249,7 @@ or
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
@ -1986,6 +1987,8 @@ set_dev:;
" --allow_untested_media enable implemented untested media types\n");
" --any_track allow source_addresses to match '^-.' or '='\n");
" assert_write_lba=<lba> abort if not next write address == lba\n");
printf(" --demand_a_drive exit !=0 on bus scans with empty result\n");
printf(" --devices list accessible devices (tells /dev/...)\n");
@ -2416,6 +2419,7 @@ struct CdrskiN {
int multi;
double write_start_address;
int assert_write_lba;
int do_eject;
char eject_device[Cdrskin_strleN];
@ -2541,6 +2545,7 @@ int Cdrskin_new(struct CdrskiN **skin, struct CdrpreskiN *preskin, int flag)
o->block_type= BURN_BLOCK_SAO;
o->multi= 0;
o->write_start_address= -1.0;
o->assert_write_lba= -1;
o->burnfree= 1;
o->do_eject= 0;
o->eject_device[0]= 0;
@ -3498,12 +3503,23 @@ ex:;
/** Predict address block number where the next write will go to
@param flag Bitfield for control purposes:
bit0= do not return nwa from eventual write_start_address
@return <=0 error, 1 nwa from drive , 2 nwa from write_start_address
int Cdrskin_obtain_nwa(struct CdrskiN *skin, int *nwa, int flag)
int ret,lba;
struct burn_drive *drive;
struct burn_write_opts *o= NULL;
if(skin->write_start_address>=0 && !(flag&1)) {
/* (There is no sense in combining random addressing with audio) */
*nwa= skin->write_start_address/2048;
/* Set write opts in order to provoke MODE SELECT. LG GSA-4082B needs it. */
drive= skin->drives[skin->driveno].drive;
o= burn_write_opts_new(drive);
@ -4858,6 +4874,18 @@ burn_failed:;
#endif /* ! Cdrskin_extra_leaN */
ret= Cdrskin_obtain_nwa(skin, &nwa,0);
nwa= -1;
if(skin->assert_write_lba>=0 && nwa!=skin->assert_write_lba) {
"cdrskin: FATAL : Option assert_write_lba= demands block number %10d\n",
"cdrskin: FATAL : but predicted actual write start address is %10d\n",
{ret= 0; goto ex;}
if(skin->tell_media_space || skin->track_counter<=0) {
/* write capacity estimation and return without actual burning */
@ -4891,11 +4919,8 @@ burn_failed:;
#endif /* ! Cdrskin_extra_leaN */
if(skin->verbosity>=Cdrskin_verbose_progresS) {
ret= Cdrskin_obtain_nwa(skin, &nwa,0);
printf("Starting new track at sector: %d\n",nwa);
if(skin->verbosity>=Cdrskin_verbose_progresS && nwa>=0)
printf("Starting new track at sector: %d\n",nwa);
skin->drive_is_busy= 1;
burn_disc_write(o, disc);
@ -5321,7 +5346,7 @@ sorry_failed_to_eject:;
int Cdrskin_setup(struct CdrskiN *skin, int argc, char **argv, int flag)
int i,k,ret,source_has_size=0;
int i,k,l,ret,source_has_size=0;
double value,grab_and_wait_value= -1.0;
char *cpt,*value_pt,adr[Cdrskin_adrleN],*blank_mode= "";
struct stat stbuf;
@ -5443,6 +5468,14 @@ set_abort_max_wait:;
"cdrskin: --any_track : will accept any unknown option as track source\n"));
} else if(strncmp(argv[i],"assert_write_lba=",17)==0) {
value_pt= argv[i]+17;
value= Scanf_io_size(value_pt,0);
l= strlen(value_pt);
if(l>1) if(isalpha(value_pt[l-1]))
value/= 2048.0;
skin->assert_write_lba= value;
} else if(strcmp(argv[i],"-atip")==0) {
skin->do_atip= 1;

@ -1 +1 @@
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2007.03.07.151514"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2007.03.09.134622"