Corrected precedence of media catalog and ISRC options

Thomas Schmitt 11 years ago
parent f1ae493c57
commit ce29b4b38c

@ -508,9 +508,9 @@ cdrskin currently supports TRACK datatypes AUDIO and MODE1/2048 which may
not be mixed. It ignores commands POSTGAP, PREGAP, and FLAGS. Only INDEX 01
is interpreted yet. Data source may be of FILE type BINARY or MOTOROLA.
Cue sheet file commands CATALOG and ISRC override options mcn= and isrc=.
They may be overridden by input_sheet_v07t= purpose specifiers "UPC / EAN"
and "ISRC".
Cue sheet file commands CATALOG and ISRC may be overridden by option mcn=
and by input_sheet_v07t= purpose specifiers "UPC / EAN" and "ISRC".
This does not affect their appearance in CD-TEXT, but only on Q sub-channel.
.BI \-dao
Alias for option -sao. Write CD in Session at Once mode
@ -636,6 +636,8 @@ Set the ISRC for the next track source to the given text, which must be exactly
CC is the country code. OOO is the owner code. Both may consist of capital
letters A to Z and of decimal digits 0 to 9. YY depicts the year (00 to 99).
SSSSS is the serial number (00000 to 99999).
This option does not affect CD-TEXT but only the Q sub-channel.
.BI -load
Load the media and exit. Exit value is 0 if any kind of media was found, non
@ -652,6 +654,8 @@ and normally enable the drive's eject button when they are done.
.BI mcn= text
Set the CD Media Catalog Number to text, which must be exactly 13 characters
long and should consist of decimal digits.
This option does not affect CD-TEXT but only the Q sub-channel.
.BI minbuf= percentage
Equivalent to:
@ -1157,8 +1161,9 @@ See libburn's doc/cdtext.txt for a detailed definition of 0.7T and the
possible values for Text Code, Language Code, Genre Code, Text Data Copy
Purpose specifiers "UPC / EAN" and "ISRC" override options mcn= and isrc=
and the cuefile= commands CATALOG and ISRC.
The Q sub-channel settings by "UPC / EAN" and "ISRC" may be overridden by
options mcn= and isrc=. This will not affect their appearance as CD-TEXT.
They may override cuefile= commands CATALOG and ISRC in the same way.
If options -text cuefile= are given and if the cue sheet file defines CD-TEXT,
then only seven input_sheet_v07t= options may be given. They will then be

@ -1677,11 +1677,6 @@ int Cdrtrack_add_to_session(struct CdrtracK *track, int trackno,
(track->track_type==BURN_AUDIO && track->swap_audio_bytes));
if(!(track->cdxa_conversion & (1 << 31)))
burn_track_set_cdxa_conv(tr, track->cdxa_conversion & 0x7fffffff);
if(track->isrc[0]) {
ret= burn_track_set_isrc_string(tr, track->isrc, 0);
if(ret <= 0)
goto ex;
fixed_size= track->fixed_size;
if((flag&2) && track->padding>0) {
@ -6739,6 +6734,13 @@ burn_failed:;
skin->fixed_size+= size+padding;
skin->has_open_ended_track= 1;
if(skin->tracklist[i]->isrc[0] &&
skin->tracklist[i]->libburn_track != NULL) {
ret= burn_track_set_isrc_string(skin->tracklist[i]->libburn_track,
skin->tracklist[i]->isrc, 0);
if(ret <= 0)
goto ex;
o= burn_write_opts_new(drive);

@ -1 +1 @@
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2011.12.30.164755"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2011.12.30.174416"