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@ -264,6 +264,17 @@ Project history as far as known to me:
- 8th Apr 2008 libburn-0.4.4 has proven to be capable of burning to DVD+R/DL
and read performance on disk file pseudo-drives has been improved.
- 27th Apr 2008 libisofs-0.6.4 can now read data file content from images
and can map pieces of disk files onto image files. Image directory iteration
has been enhanced. Input data streams and extended information have been
exposed in the API to allow future development.
- 29th Apr 2008 libisoburn-0.1.4 was made more efficient with reading of
image tree nodes. It now depends on libisofs-0.6.4 and libburn-0.4.4.
xorriso makes use of new libisofs features by performing incremental
updates of directory trees and by cutting oversized data files into
pieces. A primitive single session emulation of cdrcord and mkisofs is