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(a joint sub project of cdrkit and libburnia)
(contact: )
Our projects provide programs which allow recording of data on CD or DVD.
We encounter an increasing number of bug reports about spoiled burn runs and
wasted media which obviously have one common cause: interference by other
programs which access the drive's device files.
There is some riddling about which gestures exactly are dangerous for
ongoing recordings or can cause weirdly misformatted drive replies to MMC
We do know, nevertheless, that these effects do not occur if no other program
accesses a device file of the drive while our programs use it.
DDLP shall help to avoid collisions between programs in the process of
recording to a CD or DVD drive and other programs which access that drive.
@ -46,10 +55,19 @@ Very reliable is
open( some_path , O_EXCL | ...)
But: O_EXCL | O_RDONLY does not succeed with /dev/sg* on several systems.
But O_EXCL imposes restrictions and interferences:
- O_EXCL | O_RDONLY does not succeed with /dev/sg* !
- O_EXCL cannot provide shared locks for programs which only want to lock
against burn programs but not against their own peers.
- O_EXCL keeps from obtaining information by harmless activities.
- O_EXCL already has a meaning with devices which are mounted as filesystems.
This priority meaning is more liberal than the one needed for CD/DV recording
So it may be necessary to use a cautious open() without O_EXCL and to aquire
a POSIX lock via fcntl().
a POSIX lock via fcntl(). "Cautious" means to add O_NDELAY to the flags of
open(), because this is declared to avoid side effects within open().
With this gesture it is important to use the standard paths because
fcntl(F_SETLK) does not lock the device but only a device-inode.