Commit d4980035 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Corrected description of major.minor.micro definition in libburn.h

parent b1630a3b
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2008.01.29.210821"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2008.01.29.214110"
......@@ -2050,9 +2050,7 @@ void burn_version(int *major, int *minor, int *micro);
/** These three release version numbers tell the revision of this header file
and of the API it describes. They are memorized by applications at build
An application of libburn can easily memorize the version of the
libisofs.h header in its own code. Immediately after burn_initialize()
it should do this check:
Immediately after burn_initialize() an application should do this check:
burn_version(&major, &minor, &micro);
if(major > burn_header_version_major
|| (major == burn_header_version_major
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