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cdrskin Wiki - plain text copy
[[Image(source:/libburn/trunk/cdrskin/doener_150x200_tr.gif)]] [ Doener]
cdrskin is the cdrecord compatibility middleware of libburn.
'''cdrskin is the cdrecord compatibility middleware of libburn.'''
Its paragon, cdrecord, is a powerful GPL'ed burn program included in Joerg
Schilling's cdrtools. cdrskin strives to be a second source for the services
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Appending sessions to an unclosed CD is restricted to write mode TAO.
(Users who have a burner which succeeds with a follow-up session via
cdrecord -sao : please contact us.)
cdrecord -sao : please contact us.)
cdrskin does not provide DVD burning yet. See advise to use dvd+rw-tools
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