Introduced message severity "FAILURE"

Thomas Schmitt 15 years ago
parent d66a40bc0e
commit e449654c7b
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@ -1 +1 @@
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2008.01.23.193345"
#define Cdrskin_timestamP "2008.01.23.193843"

@ -2046,8 +2046,8 @@ void burn_version(int *major, int *minor, int *micro);
/* ts A60924 : ticket 74 */
/** Control queueing and stderr printing of messages from libburn.
Severity may be one of "NEVER", "ABORT", "FATAL", "SORRY", "WARNING",
Severity may be one of "NEVER", "ABORT", "FATAL", "FAILURE", "SORRY",
@param queue_severity Gives the minimum limit for messages to be queued.
Default: "NEVER". If you queue messages then you
must consume them by burn_msgs_obtain().
@ -2066,8 +2066,9 @@ int burn_msgs_set_severities(char *queue_severity,
/** Obtain the oldest pending libburn message from the queue which has at
least the given minimum_severity. This message and any older message of
lower severity will get discarded from the queue and is then lost forever.
@param minimum_severity may be one of "NEVER", "ABORT", "FATAL", "SORRY",
@param minimum_severity may be one of "NEVER", "ABORT", "FATAL",
To call with minimum_severity "NEVER" will discard the
whole queue.
@param error_code Will become a unique error code as liste in
@ -2093,8 +2094,8 @@ int burn_msgs_obtain(char *minimum_severity,
message text.
@param os_errno Eventual errno related to the message. Submit 0 if
the message is not related to a operating system error.
@param severity One of "ABORT", "FATAL", "SORRY", "WARNING", "HINT",
"NOTE", "UPDATE", "DEBUG". Defaults to "FATAL".
@param severity One of "ABORT", "FATAL", "FAILURE", "SORRY", "WARNING",
"HINT", "NOTE", "UPDATE", "DEBUG". Defaults to "FATAL".
@param d An eventual drive to which the message shall be related.
Submit NULL if the message is not specific to a
particular drive object.

@ -252,6 +252,8 @@ int libdax_msgs__text_to_sev(char *severity_name, int *severity,
else if(strncmp(severity_name,"FATAL",5)==0)
else if(strncmp(severity_name,"FAILURE",7)==0)
else if(strncmp(severity_name,"SORRY",5)==0)
else if(strncmp(severity_name,"WARNING",7)==0)
@ -278,8 +280,7 @@ int libdax_msgs__sev_to_text(int severity, char **severity_name,
int flag)
if(flag&1) {
*severity_name= "";
@ -289,6 +290,8 @@ int libdax_msgs__sev_to_text(int severity, char **severity_name,
*severity_name= "ABORT";
else if(severity>=LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_FATAL)
*severity_name= "FATAL";
else if(severity>=LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_FAILURE)
*severity_name= "FAILURE";
else if(severity>=LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_SORRY)
*severity_name= "SORRY";
else if(severity>=LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_WARNING)

@ -140,15 +140,47 @@ struct libdax_msgs_item;
#define LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_WARNING 0x50000000
/** Non-fatal error messages indicating that parts of the action failed
but processing will/should go on
/** Non-fatal error messages indicating that important parts of an action
failed but processing may go on if one accepts deviations from the
desired result.
E.g.: One of several libisofs input files cannot be found.
A speed setting cannot be made.
After SORRY a function should try to go on if that makes any sense
and if no threshold prescribes abort on SORRY. The function should
nevertheless indicate some failure in its return value.
It should - but it does not have to.
#define LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_SORRY 0x60000000
/** Non-fatal error indicating that a complete action failed and that
only a thorough new setup of preconditions will give hope for success.
E.g.: No media is inserted in the output drive.
No write mode can be found for inserted media.
All libisofs input files are inaccessible.
After FAILURE a function should end very soon with a return value
indicating failure.
#define LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_FAILURE 0x68000000
/** An error message which puts the whole operation of the program in question
E.g.: Not enough memory for essential temporary objects.
Irregular errors from resources.
Programming errors (soft assert).
After FATAL a function should end very soon with a return value
indicating severe failure.
#define LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_FATAL 0x70000000
/** A message from an abort handler which will finally finish libburn
#define LIBDAX_MSGS_SEV_ABORT 0x71000000