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@ -114,7 +114,37 @@ To make the libraries accessible for running resp. developing applications
<li> Destroy the library instance. (If you're done working with the library.)
Here's a minimal demo application for the libburn library
@section libburner Libburner
libburner is a minimal demo application for the library libburn as provided
on . It can list the available devices, can
blank a CD-RW and can burn to CD-R or CD-RW.
It's main purpose, nevertheless, is to show you how to use libburn and also
to serve the libburn team as reference application. libburner.c does indeed
define the standard way how above three gestures can be implemented and
stay upward compatible for a good while.
@subsection libburner-help Libburner --help
Usage: test/libburner
[--drive <address>|<driveno>|"-"]
[--verbose <level>] [--blank_fast|--blank_full]
[--burn_for_real|--try_to_simulate] [--stdin_size <bytes>]
A bus scan (needs rw-permissions to see a drive):
test/libburner --drive -
Burn a file to drive chosen by number:
test/libburner --drive 0 --burn_for_real my_image_file
Burn a file to drive chosen by persistent address:
test/libburner --drive /dev/hdc --burn_for_real my_image_file
Blank a used CD-RW (is combinable with burning in one run):
test/libburner --drive 0 --blank_fast
Burn a compressed afio archive on-the-fly, pad up to 700 MB:
( cd my_directory ; find . -print | afio -oZ - ) | \
test/libburner --drive /dev/hdc --burn_for_real --stdin_size 734003200 -
To be read from *not mounted* CD via:
afio -tvZ /dev/hdc
Program tar would need a clean EOF which our padded CD cannot deliver.
@include libburner.c

@ -56,8 +56,8 @@ WARN_LOGFILE =
# configuration options related to the input files
INPUT = libburn libisofs doc
FILE_PATTERNS = libburn.h libisofs.h comments
INPUT = libburn libisofs doc test
FILE_PATTERNS = libburn.h libisofs.h comments libburner.c