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@ -86,6 +86,17 @@ Another type of data track content are archive formats which originally
have been developed for magnetic tapes. Only formats which mark a detectable
end-of-archive in their data are suitable with CD, though. Well tested are
the archivers afio and star. Not suitable seems GNU tar.
.B Recordable CD Media:
CD-R can be initially written only once and eventually extended until they
get closed (or are spoiled because they are overly full). After that they are
CD-RW media can be blanked to make them re-usable for another
round of overwriting. Blanking damages the previous content but does not
make it completely unreadable. It is no effective privacy precaution.
Multiple cycles of blanking and overwriting with random numbers might be.
@ -343,7 +354,7 @@ Exit with a nonzero value if no drive can be found during a bus scan.
List the device file addresses of all accessible drives. In order to get
listed a drive has to offer rw-permission for the cdrskin user and it may
not be busy.
Busy drives are reported as "SORRY" messages of standard error.
Busy drives are reported as "SORRY" messages on standard error.
Each available drive gets listed by a line containing the following fields: