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runs, though. The most comprehensive technical overview of cdrskin
can be found in [http://libburnia-project.org/browser/libburn/trunk/cdrskin/README?format=txt cdrskin/README].
About libburn API for burning CD and DVD: http://api.libburnia-project.org
About libburn API for burning CD, DVD, and BD: http://api.libburnia-project.org
@ -279,23 +279,7 @@ for an illustrated example with K3b 0.10 .
DVD advise:
For burning of DVD/BD media other than DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL,
DVD-RW, DVD-R, BD-RE, the cdrskin project currently advises to use
Andy Polyakov's dvd+rw-tools which despite their historic name are
capable of all the media above and more, including BD discs.
They are not compatible or related to cdrecord resp. cdrecord-ProDVD
(now obsoleted by original source cdrtools cdrecord with identical
capabilities besides the license key).
Advanced multi-session use cases:
Advanced multi-session use cases as of dvd+rw-tools:
A special feature of dvd+rw-tools is growing of ISO-9660 filesystems on
overwriteable media. This is not the same as multi-session writing of cdrskin