Now offering cdrskin-0.3.0.pl01 for download

Thomas Schmitt 16 years ago
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commit f5a350f2cc
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@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ rw-permissions and retry the bus scan as non-superuser.
<DT>Download as source code (see README):</DT>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin-0.3.0.pl00.tar.gz">cdrskin-0.3.0.pl00.tar.gz</A>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin-0.3.0.pl01.tar.gz">cdrskin-0.3.0.pl01.tar.gz</A>
(540 KB).
@ -168,14 +168,14 @@ cdrskin is part of libburn - full libburn is provided with cdrskin releases.
<DT>Download as single x86 binaries (untar and move to /usr/bin/cdrskin):</DT>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin_0.3.0.pl00-x86-suse9_0.tar.gz">
cdrskin_0.3.0.pl00-x86-suse9_0.tar.gz</A>, (75 KB),
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin_0.3.0.pl01-x86-suse9_0.tar.gz">
cdrskin_0.3.0.pl01-x86-suse9_0.tar.gz</A>, (75 KB),
<DD>runs on SuSE 9.0 (2.4.21) , RIP-14.4 (2.6.14) ,
Gentoo (2.6.15 x86_64 Athlon).</DD>
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin_0.3.0.pl00-x86-suse9_0-static.tar.gz">
cdrskin_0.3.0.pl00-x86-suse9_0-static.tar.gz</A>, (275 KB), -static compiled,
<DD><A HREF="cdrskin_0.3.0.pl01-x86-suse9_0-static.tar.gz">
cdrskin_0.3.0.pl01-x86-suse9_0-static.tar.gz</A>, (275 KB), -static compiled,
<DD>runs on SuSE 7.2 (2.4.4), and on the systems above.</DD>
@ -213,6 +213,14 @@ single-track session</LI>
<LI>Emulation of new wodim option msifile=path</LI>
Bug fix towards previous patch level 0:
<LI>Tracks >= 2 GB were only possible via a pipe to stdin but not
directly from a disk file</LI>