Clarifications about burn_random_access_write()

Thomas Schmitt 16 years ago
parent 58e6577134
commit fd3a907d9f

@ -1814,7 +1814,8 @@ void burn_set_signal_handling(void *handle, burn_abort_handler_t handler,
int mode);
/* ts A70811 */
/** Circumvent usual libburn session processing and rather write data without
/** The drive must be grabbed successfully before calling this function. It
circumvents usual libburn session processing and rather writes data without
preparations or finalizing. This will work only with overwriteable media
which are also suitable for burn_write_opts_set_start_byte(). The same
address alignment restrictions as with this function apply. I.e. for DVD
@ -1827,6 +1828,7 @@ void burn_set_signal_handling(void *handle, burn_abort_handler_t handler,
Other than burn_disc_write() this is a synchronous call which returns
only after the write transaction has ended (sucessfully or not). So it is
wise not to transfer giant amounts of data in a single call.
Important: Data have to fit into the already formatted area of the media.
@param d The drive to which to write
@param byte_address The start address of the write in byte
(1 LBA unit = 2048 bytes) (do respect media alignment)