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@ -84,13 +84,22 @@ restart of libburn.
This program is currently copyright Thomas Schmitt only.
I, Thomas Schmitt, commit myself to grant to anybody on mere request the right
to use this under BSD license, i.e. completely free of the special obligations
of GPL. But note well, it is here and now only granted under GPL.
Any person with a BSD license is explictely entitled to grant a GPL with
or without changes to a BSD licensed original. Nothing else is intended
by me. It is only that i want to grant others the same rights that i claim
effectively for me. And for me i do claim the rights of a BSD license.
The copyrights of several components of are willfully tangled
at toplevel to form an irrevocable commitment to true open source spirit.
We have chosen the GPL for legal compatibility and clearly express that it
shall not hamper the use of our software by non-GPL applications which show
otherwise the due respect to the open source community.
See toplevel README and cdrskin/README for that commitment.
For a short time, this place showed a promise to release a BSD license on
mere request. I have to retract that promise now, and replace it by the
promise to make above commitment reality in a way that any BSD conformant
usage in due open source spirit will be made possible somehow and in the
particular special case. I will not raise public protest if you spawn yourself
a BSD license from an (outdated) cdrskin.c which still bears that old promise.
Note that this extended commitment is valid only for cdrskin.[ch],
cdrfifo.[ch] and cleanup.[ch], but not for as a whole.
Compilation within cdrskin-* :