more explanations added for running mode; fix a typo

George Danchev 11 years ago
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@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ All general options are accepted.
The text output of the automatic tests is recorded in file
Script ./run_all_auto will detect failure of perticular tests and report
Script ./run_all_auto will detect failure of particular tests and report
lines from the log file which contain problem indicating keywords:
@ -258,8 +258,10 @@ to the general options of the test suite:
The code piece inc/ defines the following functions
for use by the single tests:
standalone_or_supervised Initialize the running mode - standalone,
standalone_or_supervised This is internally called routine to find
out the running mode of the scripts - standalone,
supervised by run_all_auto, or unknown.
No need to call it from the scripts themselves.
print_help Prints the help text for general options.