Commit 17a2d745 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Augmented version message by "and burn program"

parent 3e254825
......@@ -14756,7 +14756,7 @@ int Xorriso_option_use_readline(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *mode, int flag)
int Xorriso_option_version(struct XorrisO *xorriso, int flag)
"xorriso %s : RockRidge filesystem manipulator\n",
"xorriso %s : RockRidge filesystem manipulator and burn program\n",
"Copyright (C) 2008, Thomas Schmitt <>, libburnia project\n");
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2008.11.26.174940"
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2008.11.26.180935"
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