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Thomas Schmitt 2008-08-26 12:36:12 +00:00
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@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ then
-e 's/<b>Drive and media related inquiry actions:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Drive and media related inquiry actions:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Navigation in ISO image/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Navigation in ISO image/' \
-e 's/^filesystem:<\/b>/filesystem:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Evaluation of readability and recovery:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Evaluation of readability and recovery:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>osirrox restore options:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>osirrox restore options:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Command compatibility emulations:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><b>Command compatibility emulations:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/^<p><b>&minus;as</<p>\&nbsp;<BR><b>\&minus;as</' \