Commit 20afcce7 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Corrected missing linefeed in message of command -mkdir

parent fa1ce420
......@@ -1260,6 +1260,7 @@ int Xorriso_mkdir(struct XorrisO *xorriso, char *path, int flag)
if(!(flag&1)) {
sprintf(xorriso->info_text, "Created directory in ISO image: ");
Text_shellsafe(eff_path, xorriso->info_text, 1);
strcat(xorriso->info_text, "\n");
Xorriso_info(xorriso, 0);
ret= 1;
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2012.03.05.204946"
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2012.03.09.190043"
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