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'''Libburnia Frequently Asked Questions'''
Please post your questions to
[ libburn-hackers mailing list].
[ GNU xorriso mailing list].
Google favorites:
[#xorriso_not_found xorriso not found]
[#xorriso_tutorial xorriso tutorial]
[#xorriso_create_iso xorriso create ISO image]
[#diff_cdrskin_xorriso What is the difference between cdrskin and xorriso ?]
@ -41,6 +49,86 @@ Miscellaneous:
[#version_numbers Why is every second release missing ?]
'''Google favorites'''
===== xorriso not found ===== #xorriso_not_found
This message is issued by programs which use [wiki:Xorriso xorriso] for
producing ISO 9660 filesystem images. E.g. by GRUB2's grub-mkrescue.
Executable xorriso binaries are normally contained in software packages
named "libisoburn" or "xorriso".
If your operating system does not offer such a package, then consider
to get the [ GNU xorriso]
source tarball. For instructions read in its
[ README file]
the paragraph "Compilation, First Glimpse, Installation".
With grub-mkrescue it is possible to use the resulting binary without further
installation. Just submit its absolute path with option --xorriso=. E.g.:
grub-mkrescue --xorriso=$HOME/xorriso-1.3.8/xorriso/xorriso -o output.iso
===== xorriso tutorial ===== #xorriso_tutorial
There is not much more than the
[ man xorriso examples].
Volunteers are wanted who make a collection of use cases, ask at bug-xorriso
for xorriso instructions to fulfill the needs, and describe both in a
user-readable manner.
Up to then, the GUI demo [ xorriso-tcltk]
([ screenshot])
may serve as interactive exploration tool. It needs xorriso >= 1.2.4, Tcl,
Tk >= 8.4, optionally Tcl / Tk package "BWidget".
xorriso-tcltk --script_log_file -
starts the GUI and will log the essential xorriso commands in the start
terminal. I.e. click on "Scan for drives" and learn that this operation
is triggered by xorriso command "-devices".
Click the rightmost mouse button while being over any of the GUI elements
in order to get the particular help text for that element.
Have [ man xorriso]
ready to learn what the particular commands mean.
===== xorriso create ISO image ===== #xorriso_create_iso
xorriso -outdev $HOME/result.iso \
-map /home/me/sounds /sounds \
-map /home/me/pictures /pictures
This points the output to file $HOME/result.iso, which should not yet exist.
Then it maps disk directory /home/me/sounds to ISO directory /sounds,
and /home/me/pictures to /pictures.
At program end, the ISO image gets produced and the contents of the
two directory trees gets copied into the ISO.
If you have experience with program mkisofs, you may also use its
emulation by xorriso:
xorriso -as mkisofs \
-o $HOME/result.iso \
-graft-points \
/sounds=/home/me/sounds \
See [ man xorriso]
for xorriso native commands.
See [ man xorriso]
for its mkisofs emulation.
@ -98,13 +186,13 @@ This may be normal. But if you see this outside of DEBUG messages, then
either the drive does not comply to MMC or libburn does not do its job right.
Workaround: Submit an error report to
[ libburn-hackers mailing list].
[ GNU xorriso mailing list].
B "Command aborted" : Seems to be generated by some bus controllers or
operating system SCSI drivers.
Workaround: Contact
[ libburn-hackers mailing list]
[ GNU xorriso mailing list]
and be ready for experiments.