Commit 2d52e942 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Changed xorriso.texi according to proposals by Tony Mancill

parent 98361650
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ then
-e 's/<b>Command processing:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="Processing"><\/A><b>Command processing:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/<b>Dialog, Readline, Result pager:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="Dialog"><\/A<b>Dialog, Readline, Result pager:<\/b>/' \
-e 's/<b>Execution order of program arguments:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="ArgSort"><\/A><b>Execution order of program arguments:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Aquiring source and target drive:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="AqDrive"><\/A><b>Aquiring source and target drive:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Acquiring source and target drive:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="AqDrive"><\/A><b>Acquiring source and target drive:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Influencing the behavior of image/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="Loading"><\/A><b>Influencing the behavior of image/' \
-e 's/<b>Inserting files into ISO image:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="Insert"><\/A><b>Inserting files into ISO image:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
-e 's/<b>Settings for file insertion:<\/b>/\&nbsp;<BR><A NAME="SetInsert"><\/A><b>Settings for file insertion:<\/b><BR>\&nbsp;<BR>/' \
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