Small corrections in xorriso man page

Thomas Schmitt 14 years ago
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commit 50e5349d09

@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
.\" First parameter, NAME, should be all caps
.\" Second parameter, SECTION, should be 1-8, maybe w/ subsection
.\" other parameters are allowed: see man(7), man(1)
.TH XORRISO 1 "Nov 17, 2009"
.TH XORRISO 1 "Feb 02, 2009"
.\" Please adjust this date whenever revising the manpage.
.\" Some roff macros, for reference:
@ -284,8 +284,6 @@ the path of their block device or of their generic character device. E.g.
On FreeBSD the device files have names like
-dev /dev/cd0
-dev /dev/acd0
Get a list of accessible drives by command