FAQ about release version numbers

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[#xorriso_dialog_mode What is xorriso dialog mode useful for ?]
[#version_numbers Why is every second release missing ?]
@ -215,6 +217,15 @@ xorriso's stdin and stdout. This is more efficient than forking xorriso
every now and then to perform various commands in order to complete
complex tasks like image size prediction.
===== Why is every second release missing ? ===== #version_numbers
Releases have an even third version number. Like 0.5.6 or 1.0.4.
During development the next higher odd number is used. E.g. 0.5.7 or 1.0.5.
The content of release tarballs does not get changed without changing
their name. The development tarballs of xorriso and cdrskin may change
their content without notice.
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