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@ -216,6 +216,7 @@ Set the image expansion method to growing.
Only allowed as long as no ISO image was loaded and
altered, or after actions -rollback, or -commit.
Violation yields a SORRY event.
An empty address string gives up the current device
without aquiring a new one.
@ -224,7 +225,7 @@ Set input drive and load eventual ISO image. Switch from
growing to modifying. Same restrictions as with -dev
> \fB\-outdev\fR address
> Set output drive and switch from growing to modifying.
Set output drive and switch from growing to modifying.
Allow for writing only the usage of optical drives. Disallow
@ -310,8 +311,8 @@ Mark end of particular action argument list.
Discard the manipulated ISO image and reload it from indrive.
.B Writing the result
(see also paragraph about settings below):
.B Writing the result:
(see also paragraph about settings below)
Perform the write operation. Afterwards eventually make the
@ -350,7 +351,9 @@ is activated.
This affects only the outdrive not the indrive.
If both drives are the same and if the ISO image was altered
then this command leads to a SORRY event.
Defined modes are: fast, all, deformat, deformat_quickest
Defined modes are:
fast, all, deformat, deformat_quickest
"fast" and "all" make CD-RW and unformatted DVD-RW re-usable,
or invalidate overwriteable ISO images.
"deformat" converts overwriteable DVD-RW into unformatted ones.
@ -424,7 +427,7 @@ MMC drives usually activate their own idea of speed and take
the speed value given by the burn program only as upper limit
for their own decision.
? \fB\-dummy\fR "on"|"off"
\fB\-dummy\fR "on"|"off"
If "on" simulate burning or refuse with SORRY event if
no simulation is possible. If "on" do not blank or format.
@ -434,7 +437,7 @@ stream from ISO image generation to media burning. Default
is 4 MiB. The number may be followed by letter "k" or"m"
which means unit is kiB (= 1024) or MiB (= 1024 kiB).
? \fB\-close\fR "on"|"off"
\fB\-close\fR "on"|"off"
If "on" then mark the written media as not appendable
any more (if possible at all with the given type of target media).
@ -661,4 +664,6 @@ Other programs which burn images to optical media
.BR cdrskin(1)
Thomas Schmitt <scdbackup@gmx.net> for libburnia-project.org
Thomas Schmitt <scdbackup@gmx.net>
for libburnia-project.org