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[#diff_cdrskin_xorriso What is the difference between cdrskin and xorriso ?]
[#scsi_error What does that SCSI error message mean ?]
[#edit_files Is there a way to edit files inside the ISO image ?]
@ -55,6 +57,58 @@ and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions.
It is based on libburn, libisofs, and libisoburn. One of its features is
the emulation of the corresponding tasks as done by mkisofs and cdrecord.
===== What does that SCSI error message mean ? ===== #scsi_error
Error messages labled as "SCSI" stem from the drive. They are codes of
three hexadecimal numbers, like [3 0C 00]. The first number gives an overall
classification of the problem. The other two numbers give the particular
error description.
libburn translates known error codes into text messages. They consist of
two statements: the overall classification and the error description.
E.g. [3 0C 00] Medium error. Write error.
The classification allows a guess where the problem cause might sit:
2 "Drive not ready" : This is a well normal drive state and should be handled
by libburn. If you see this outside of DEBUG messages then it happened
at an unexpected occasion. Either libburn did its job wrong, or the hardware
suffers from blackouts. Hardware can be: drive, cable, bus controller.
Workaround: Check cables. If possible, try the drive at a different
bus controller.
3 "Medium error" : This indicates a problem between drive and medium. libburn
cannot directly cause such an error by any mistake. If drive and medium
are balancing on the edge of defect, it is possible that optional settings
can cause or prevent such errors. But in many cases of drive-medium conflicts
it is mere incident whether a burn run succeeds or not.
Workaround: Try other media or another drive.
4 "Drive error" : The drive or the bus controller accuse themselves of
doing it wrong. As with "Medium error" this might be aggravated or eased by
optional settings.
Workaround: Check cables. If possible, try the drive at a different
bus controller.
5 "Illegal request" : The drive did not like a command sent by libburn.
This may be normal. But if you see this outside of DEBUG messages, then
either the drive does not comply to MMC or libburn does not do its job right.
Workaround: Submit an error report to
[ libburn-hackers mailing list].
B "Command aborted" : Seems to be generated by some bus controllers or
operating system SCSI drivers.
Workaround: Contact
[ libburn-hackers mailing list]
and be ready for experiments.