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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ optical discs. This page is about its capability to read, manipulate, and
write ISO 9660 filesystems with Rock Ridge extensions. Media can be optical
media or filesystem objects.
Our scope is currently Linux 2.4 and 2.6, or FreeBSD, or OpenSolaris.
Our scope is currently Linux 2.4 and 2.6, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, or NetBSD.
libisoburn is an add-on to libburn and libisofs which coordinates both and
also allows to grow ISO-9660 filesystem images on multi-session media as well

@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ incorporates the libraries of .
Currently it is fully supported on GNU/Linux with kernels >= 2.4,
on FreeBSD with ATAPI/CAM support enabled in the kernel, see atapicam(4),
and on OpenSolaris (tested with kernel 5.11).
on OpenSolaris (tested with kernel 5.11),
on NetBSD (tested with 6.1.2 and 6.1.3).
On other X/Open compliant systems there will only be POSIX i/o with disk
file objects, but no direct MMC operation on CD/DVD/BD drives.
@ -102,7 +103,7 @@ Other deliberate dependency reduction options of ./configure are:
this also avoids the use of libjte and option -jigdo.
xorriso brings own system adapters which allow burning optical media on
GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris.
GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, NetBSD.
Alternatively it can use libcdio-0.83 or later for sending commands to
optical drives:
@ -189,7 +190,7 @@ A list of rw-accessible drives can be obtained by
CD devices which offer not enough permission are invisible to normal users.
The superuser should be able to see any usable drive and then set the
permissions as needed.
On Linux and FreeBSD, rw-permissions are needed.
On Linux, FreeBSD, and NetBSD, rw-permissions are needed.
On Solaris, the privilege "sys_devices" and r-permission are needed.
The output of xorriso -devices might look like
@ -203,6 +204,7 @@ This is equivalent to the traditional setup chmod a+x,u+s cdrecord.
On FreeBSD, device permissions are to be set in /etc/devfs.rules.
On Solaris, pfexec privileges may be restricted to "basic,sys_devices".
On NetBSD, rw-permission may be granted by chmod a+rw /dev/rcd?d.
See below "System Dependent Drive Permission Examples".
I strongly discourage to run xorriso with setuid root or via sudo !
@ -372,8 +374,8 @@ GNU xorriso has less runtime dependencies and can be moved more freely.
System Dependent Drive Permission Examples
Accessing the optical drives requires privileges which usually are granted
only to the superuser. GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris offer quite different
approaches for avoiding the need for unrestricted privileges.
only to the superuser. GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and NetBSD offer quite
different approaches for avoiding the need for unrestricted privileges.
First check whether some friendly system setting already allows you to
access the drives as normal user:
@ -383,9 +385,9 @@ Those drives of which you see address and type strings are already usable.
If there remain drives invisible which the superuser can see by the same
command, then the following examples might help:
On all three systems:
On all systems:
Add the authorized users of CD drives to group "floppy" in /etc/group.
If missing: create this group.
Changes to /etc/group often only affect new login sessions. So log out and in
@ -445,6 +447,12 @@ Then allow the group r-access to the drives
The last two commands have to be executed after each boot. I do not know
the relevant device configuration files yet.
On NetBSD:
Allow rw-access to the drives
chgrp floppy /dev/rcd[01]d
chmod g+rw /dev/rcd[01]d
@ -479,7 +487,7 @@ By Mario Danic <>, libburn, libisofs
Vreixo Formoso <>, libisofs, libisoburn
Thomas Schmitt <>, libburn, libisofs,
libisoburn, xorriso
Copyright (C) 2006-2013 Mario Danic, Vreixo Formoso, Thomas Schmitt.
Copyright (C) 2006-2014 Mario Danic, Vreixo Formoso, Thomas Schmitt. is inspired by and in libburn still containing parts
of old
@ -495,7 +503,7 @@ Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This text itself is
Copyright (c) 2007 - 2013 Thomas Schmitt <>
Copyright (c) 2007 - 2014 Thomas Schmitt <>
and is freely distributable.
It shall only be modified in sync with the technical properties of xorriso.
If you make use of the license to derive modified versions of xorriso