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@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ Miscellaneous:
[#xorriso_aliases What personalities are supported by xorriso ?]
[#xorriso_dialog_mode What is xorriso dialog mode useful for ?]
@ -160,6 +162,9 @@ Further there are calls for library startup and shutdown, for problem
handling, and for the interpreters of xorriso's command line interface.
The xorriso API encapsulates calls to libisofs, libburn, and libisoburn.
An alternative to the xorriso C API is xorriso dialog mode.
[#xorriso_dialog_mode See below.]
The known existing GUIs [ Xfburn],
[ Brasero],
[ FlBurn]
@ -196,6 +201,20 @@ osirrox allows to copy files from ISO image to disk and to apply option -mount
to one or more of the existing ISO sessions. This is normally enabled by
option -osirrox "on:o_excl_off".
===== What is xorriso dialog mode useful for ? ===== #xorriso_dialog_mode
Dialog mode is initiated if -dialog "on" is among the program arguments.
It can be used to inspect and exploit existing ISO 9660 images or
to explore xorriso's behavior in order to develop the command sequence
for a batch run.
Frontend programmers may fork xorriso initiating a xorriso dialog session
(-dialog "on" -use_readline "off" -pkt_output "on" -mark "done"),
and interact with it from their own program via pipes connected to
xorriso's stdin and stdout. This is more efficient than forking xorriso
every now and then to perform various commands in order to complete
complex tasks like image size prediction.
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