Commit 6ee18d7f authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Gave up automatic switch to -boot_image "isolinux" "patch" after writing

parent 9ae189a5
......@@ -1484,9 +1484,6 @@ Bootspec "isohybrid=off" disables MBR generation, "isohybrid=on" prevents the
write session if not the isohybrid signature is found in the bin_path file.
Default is "isohybrid=auto" which silently omits the MBR if the signature is
The setting of -boot_image will change to "isolinux" "patch" after successful
writing of a session with -boot_image "isolinux" bootspec.
.B Exception processing:
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2008.10.22.110204"
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2008.10.22.201702"
......@@ -1257,12 +1257,17 @@ ex:;
if(ret<=0) {
/* >>> ??? revive discarded boot image */;
#ifdef NIX
/* <<< this was probably not a good idea */
} else if(xorriso->boot_image_bin_path[0]) {
xorriso->keep_boot_image= 1;
xorriso->patch_isolinux_image= 1;
xorriso->boot_image_bin_path[0]= 0;
sprintf(xorriso->info_text, "Switched to -boot_image isolinux patch");
Xorriso_msgs_submit(xorriso, 0, xorriso->info_text, 0, "NOTE", 0);
#endif /* NIX */
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