Adjustments about libisoburn and xorriso dynamic dependencies, compare_file

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@ -120,10 +120,13 @@ on disk. It uses the normal POSIX filesystem calls, i.e. no libburnia stuff.
This program is not installed systemwide but stays in the installation
directory of the xorriso tarball as test/compare_file . Usually it is
run as -exec payload of a find command. It takes three arguments:
run as -exec payload of a find command. It demands at least three arguments:
The path of the first file to compare, the prefix1 to be cut off from path
and the prefix2 which gets prepended afterwards to obtain the path of the
second file to compare.
As further argument there can be -no_ctime which suppresses the comparison
of ctime date stamps.
The exit value is 0 if no difference was detected, non-0 else.
Example: After
xorriso ... -pathspecs on -add /=/original/dir --