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Thomas Schmitt 9 years ago
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@ -475,24 +475,22 @@ One may switch from mkisofs emulation to xorriso's own command mode:
<DT>If for any reason the reading operating system mishandles the ISO image
or some files in it, one may enable reverse operation of xorriso and copy
files or trees to disk:
<DD>$<KBD>&nbsp;xorriso -acl on -xattr on \</KBD></DD>
<DD><KBD>&nbsp;&nbsp; -indev /dev/sr0 \</KBD></DD>
<DD><KBD>&nbsp;&nbsp; -osirrox on \</KBD></DD>
<DD><KBD>&nbsp;&nbsp; -cpx '/pictures/private/horses*/*buttercup*' \</KBD></DD>
<DD><KBD>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; /home/her/buttercup_dir -- \</KBD>
<DD><KBD>&nbsp;&nbsp; -extract /sounds /home/her/sounds_from_me</KBD></DD>
<DT>Each copy command processes its files sorted by block address
in the ISO image in order to reduce head moves with optical media.
This can bring effective read performance near to the raw media reading speed.
<DD><KBD>&nbsp;&nbsp; -extract /sounds /home/her/sounds_from_me</KBD></DD>
<DT>Consider to enter dialog mode and use commands like
<KBD>-cd , -du , -lsl , -find<KBD>.
<DT>Get overview of the options:</DT>
<DD>$<KBD>&nbsp;<A HREF="xorriso_help">xorriso -help</A></KBD></DD>