Made releng/auto_cxx ready for FreeBSD (with bash or "bash" linked to /bin/sh)

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Thomas Schmitt 2011-08-09 17:25:39 +00:00
parent 5d1e5d423c
commit 976a2483cd

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@ -50,12 +50,12 @@ fi
# process sample code tests
# if test -f "${SAMPLE_CODE_DIR}"/*.cpp; then
for SMPL in `ls "${SAMPLE_CODE_DIR}"/*.cpp`; do
CMD_CPL="${CC} -I../ -L ../libisoburn/.libs/ -lisoburn -o ${SMPL}.obj ${SMPL}"
CMD_CPL="${CC} -I../ -L ../libisoburn/.libs/ ${CFLAGS} -lisoburn -o ${SMPL}.obj ${SMPL}"
printf "${SELF}: ${CMD_CPL}\n"
set +e
if [ ${RET_CPL} == 0 -a -f ${SMPL}.obj ]; then
if [ ${RET_CPL} = 0 -a -f ${SMPL}.obj ]; then
mv ${SMPL}.obj ${GEN_DATA_DIR}
printf "\nFAIL : ${SELF}: Compilation of ${SMPL}\n"