Commit 98369912 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Included jigdo-gen-md5-list in GNU xorriso

parent 5ca5d2e3
......@@ -234,6 +234,7 @@ cat >> "$lone_dir"/
create_dir "$lone_dir"/libjte
goto_dir "$current_dir"/jte-develop
copy_files *.[ch] "$lone_dir"/libjte
copy_files bin/jigdo-gen-md5-list doc/jigdo-gen-md5-list.1 "$lone_dir"/libjte
copy_files COPYRIGHT "$lone_dir"/libjte
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2010.11.06.133454"
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2010.11.21.065727"
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