Commit 9a96d6a1 authored by Thomas Schmitt's avatar Thomas Schmitt

Bug fix: Copies of overwriteable media onto sequential were mistaken in ROM drives

parent 2774cbce
......@@ -275,6 +275,11 @@ static int isoburn_welcome_media(struct isoburn **o, struct burn_drive *d,
struct burn_multi_caps *caps= NULL;
struct isoburn_toc_entry *t;
char profile_name[80];
struct isoburn_toc_disc *disc= NULL;
struct isoburn_toc_session **sessions;
struct isoburn_toc_track **tracks;
int num_sessions= 0, num_tracks= 0, track_count= 0, session_no= 0;
char msg[80];
profile_name[0]= 0;
ret= burn_disc_get_profile(d, &profile, profile_name);
......@@ -332,15 +337,38 @@ static int isoburn_welcome_media(struct isoburn **o, struct burn_drive *d,
/* >>> recognize unsuitable media (but allow read-only media) */;
if(readonly) {
/* This might be overwriteable media in a -ROM drive */
if((flag & 16)) {
ret= 0;
/* This might be overwriteable media in a -ROM drive.
Multi-session media which bear a xorriso image for overwriteables
in their first session would get a TOC of that first image rather
than of the media.
It is not possible to distinguish a BD-RE from a single session
BD-R with an image for overwriteables. But as soon as the media
bears 2 logical tracks it cannot be overwriteable.
So count the number of tracks first.
disc= isoburn_toc_drive_get_disc(d);
if(disc != NULL) {
sessions= isoburn_toc_disc_get_sessions(disc, &num_sessions);
for(session_no= 0; session_no < num_sessions; session_no++) {
tracks= isoburn_toc_session_get_tracks(sessions[session_no],
track_count+= num_tracks;
sprintf(msg, "ROM media has libburn track count = %d", track_count);
isoburn_msgs_submit(*o, 0x00060000, msg, 0, "DEBUG", 0);
if((flag & 16) || track_count >= 2) {
ret= 0; /* toc emulation off, or not overwriteable */
} else {
ret= isoburn_emulate_toc(d, 1);
goto ex;
if(ret==0 && profile !=0x08 && (flag&8)) {
if(ret == 0 && profile != 0x08 && (flag&8)) {
/* This might also be multi-session media which do not
get shown with a decent TOC.
CD-R TOC (profile 0x08) can be trusted. Others not.
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2009.06.24.133521"
#define Xorriso_timestamP "2009.06.25.125048"
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