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@ -608,8 +608,7 @@ versions for dynamic linking. Only release versions are safe for that.
<DD>Install: <KBD><B>cd libisoburn ; ./bootstrap ; ./configure --prefix /usr ; make ; make install</B>
<DT>Build of SVN versions needs <A HREF="http://sources.redhat.com/autobook/">
autotools</A> of at least version 1.7 installed.
<DT>Build of SVN versions needs of at least version 1.7 installed.
But after the run of <KBD>./bootstrap</KBD>, only
vanilla tools like make and gcc are needed.
@ -629,10 +628,21 @@ with DVD media and how to emulate multi-session on overwriteable media.
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@ -652,6 +662,9 @@ scdbackup, multi volume CD/DVD/BD backup</A></DD>
<DL><DD><A HREF=http://scdbackup.sourceforge.net/main_eng.html>
(a second source of above)</A></DD></DL>
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