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Thomas Schmitt 11 years ago
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commit a3ee936348

@ -8,8 +8,12 @@ SVN trunk (to become libisoburn-1.2.6.tar.gz or higher)
* New API calls Xorriso_fetch_outlists() and Xorriso_peek_outlists()
* New API call Xorriso_start_msg_watcher()
* New API call Xorriso__severity_cmp()
* New API calls Xorriso_sieve_add_filter, Xorriso_sieve_get_result,
Xorriso_sieve_clear_results, Xorriso_sieve_dispose, Xorriso_sieve_big
* New -boot_image partition_cyl_align mode "all"
* New -blank mode prefix "force:"
* New command -lns for creating symbolic links
* New command -msg_op
libisoburn-1.2.4.tar.gz Fri Jul 20 2012

@ -625,7 +625,9 @@ cdrecord and mkisofs.</DT>
<DD>Enhancements towards stable version 1.2.4:
<LI>New -boot_image partition_cyl_align mode "all"</LI>
<LI>New -blank mode prefix "force:"</LI>
<LI>New command -lns for creating symbolic links</LI>
<LI>New command -msg_op</LI>
<LI>- none yet -</LI>