don't inspect the log for NOTE|DEBUG|ALL

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George Danchev 2011-07-24 14:49:43 +00:00
parent d335e276a5
commit aac5928b92

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@ -182,26 +182,26 @@ fi
echo -e "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" | tee -a ${CLOG}
# severity classes of libdax_msgs.h in libburn and libisofs
# List of boring keywords:
# 'UPDATE' A pacifier message during long running operations.
# 'UPDATE|NOTE|DEBUG|ALL' - not considered interesting for lazy log inspection.
# List of interesting keywords:
# thrown by xorriso and underlying libraries
# thrown by others
if [ -f "${CLOG}" ]; then
set +e
# lines, perl regex, leading tabs
grep -n -P "${LIST_KWD}" "${CLOG}" | tee -a ${CLOG}
grep -n -P "${LIST_KWD}" "${CLOG}"
case ${RET_GREP} in
0) # found
1) # not found
echo -e "\n${SELF}: Log file looks clear.\n" | tee -a ${CLOG}
echo -e "${SELF}: Log file looks clear." # | tee -a ${CLOG}
*) #
echo -e "\n${SELF}: grep returned EXIT CODE: ${RET_GREP}.\n" | tee -a ${CLOG}
echo -e "${SELF}: grep returned EXIT CODE: ${RET_GREP}." # | tee -a ${CLOG}
set -e