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Thomas Schmitt 11 years ago
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SVN trunk (to become libisoburn-1.1.8.tar.gz)
- no novelties yet
* New option -sleep
* Info document and man page for xorrecord
libisoburn-1.1.6.tar.gz Tue Sep 27 2011

@ -474,8 +474,10 @@ as xorriso/xorriso-1.1.6.tar.gz
<DD><A HREF="xorrecord_help">xorriso -as cdrecord -help</A>
supported options of cdrecord emulation</DD>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_xorriso.html">man xorriso</A> is the manual page</DD>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_xorrisofs_devel.html">man xorrisofs</A>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_xorrisofs.html">man xorrisofs</A>
describes the mkisofs emulation</DD>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_xorrecord_devel.html">man xorrecord</A>
describes the cdrecord emulation</DD>
<A NAME="contact"></A>
@ -592,7 +594,8 @@ cdrecord and mkisofs.</DT>
<DD>Enhancements towards stable version 1.1.6:
<LI>- none yet -</LI>
<LI>New option -sleep</LI>
<LI>Info document and man page for xorrecord</LI>
<LI>- none yet -</LI>
@ -608,6 +611,7 @@ cdrecord and mkisofs.</DT>
<DD><A HREF="xorrecord_help_devel">xorriso-1.1.7 -as cdrecord -help</A></DD>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_xorriso_devel.html">man xorriso (as of 1.1.7)</A></DD>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_xorrisofs_devel.html">man xorrisofs (as of 1.1.7)</A></DD>
<DD><A HREF="man_1_xorrecord_devel.html">man xorrecord (as of 1.1.7)</A></DD>
<DT>If you want to distribute development versions of xorriso, then use
this tarball which produces static linking between xorriso and the
@ -618,7 +622,7 @@ installation see README)
<A HREF="xorriso-1.1.7.tar.gz">xorriso-1.1.7.tar.gz</A>
(1945 KB).
(1990 KB).
<DT>A dynamically linked development version of xorriso can be obtained
from repositories of