Some API documentation enhancements

Thomas Schmitt 15 years ago
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@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ int isoburn_is_compatible(int major, int minor, int micro, int flag);
/** Obtain the three release version numbers of the library. These are the
numbers encountered by the application when linking with lisbisoburn,
numbers encountered by the application when linking with libisoburn,
i.e. possibly not before run time.
Better do not base the fundamental compatibility decision of an application
on these numbers. For a reliable check use isoburn_is_compatible().
@ -296,8 +296,8 @@ int isoburn_ropt_get_input_charset(struct isoburn_read_opts *o,
bit1= has_joliet
Joliet extension info is available (suitable for MS-Windows)
bit2= has_iso1999
ISO version 2 Enhanced Volume Descriptor is available
>>> what is ISO 1999 good for ?
ISO version 2 Enhanced Volume Descriptor is available.
This is rather exotic.
bit3= has_el_torito
El-Torito boot record is present
@ -350,7 +350,16 @@ int isoburn_igopt_get_level(struct isoburn_imgen_opts *o, int *level);
/** Which extensions to support.
@param ext Bitfield: bit0= rockridge, bit1= joliet, bit2= iso1999
@param ext Bitfield:
bit0= rockridge
Rock Ridge extensions add POSIX file attributes like
owner, group, access permissions, long filenames.
Very advisable if the designed audience has Unix style systems.
bit1= joliet
Longer filenames for Windows systems.
Weaker than RockRidge, but also usable with Linux.
bit2= iso1999
This is rather exotic. Better do not surprise the readers.
#define isoburn_igopt_rockridge 1
#define isoburn_igopt_joliet 2