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@ -124,7 +124,8 @@ the user or require sysadmin considerations before they are run:
Exercises the production of a bootable Debian GNU/Linux image and its Jigdo
files. This test downloads a Debian daily image for i386 of about 270 MB,
extracts its content and composes a new image. Thus it needs about 850 MB
of disk space in releng/releng_generated_data.
of disk space in releng/releng_generated_data when unpacked. Adding the daily
image size itself, the total space used would peak at about 1.2 GB.
This test will only work with GNU xorriso or if libjte was installed already
when libisofs was built. Further it needs the program jigit-mkimage. Both
are part of package jigit, version >= 1.18, available at: