Added rules to releng/TODO, new options -keep, -clean_up, deprecated -clean

Thomas Schmitt 12 years ago
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* write a 'master' script to run all tests
+ to be designed & written.
-> work in progress: run_all
+ figure out how to store logs and search for interesting
err/warn keywords spewed up by the script or apps it calls.
+ write common configuration ficility
+ write common configuration facility
* releng_build_isojigdo:
+ finish boot options
* releng_check_isocontent: compare input data against the ISO image content, might be tricky
+ to be designed & written.
-> work in progress
* Give up existing standard option -clean in favor of:
+ Option -keep which keeps the test data from being removed after
the test.
+ Option -clean_up which removes the test data without doing another test.
+ Rule: A test must not overwrite existing data on disk.
It rather shall refuse and offer option -clean_up to
solve the problem (after skilled examination by the user).
+ Rule: A test shall remove all files which it has created.
Only explicit user orders shall allow test files to persist.
These orders may be program arguments or configuration variables.
-> see releng/test_hardlinks for an implementation example