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  Thomas Schmitt 80b4d29a81 Changed --zisofs-susp-z2 to --zisofs2-susp-z2, added --zisofs2-susp-zf 1 day ago
  Thomas Schmitt d2f10a1768 Added libisofs/doc/zisofs2_format.txt to GNU xorriso 1 day ago
  Thomas Schmitt 5316687d31 New -as mkisofs option --zisofs-susp-z2 1 day ago
  Thomas Schmitt a9d8102996 New -zisofs parameter susp_z2= 1 day ago
  Thomas Schmitt 1ddb676159 Enabled recognition of zisofs by magic without zlib support. New by_magic=v2 3 days ago
  Thomas Schmitt c24ffedfc7 Let ./configure --disable-zlib issue a message 3 days ago
  Thomas Schmitt c1e6d3415a In case of ISO_ZISOFS_TOO_MANY_PTR remove all dispensable block pointers 5 days ago
  Thomas Schmitt 396d09946e Bug fix: -report_system_areas as_mkisofs misrepresented GPT with appended partition and forced boot flag 6 days ago
  Thomas Schmitt c4d66ecb19 New -zisofs parameter bpt_free_ratio= 1 week ago
  Thomas Schmitt 5a6aa8a71e Added makeinfo option --no-split in make_docs.sh 1 week ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3f390f2cdc New -zisofs parameters bpt_target= 1 week ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2f44446d05 Let -as mkisofs --zisofs-version-2 imply -z 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Schmitt fb0d617674 Updated change log and web page 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8286468948 New -as mkisofs option --zisofs-version-2 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Schmitt dcb13954bd New -zisofs parameters version_2=, block_size_v2=, max_bpt=, max_bpt_f= 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Schmitt 9a7dfd7721 Requiring libisofs 1.5.3 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Schmitt bbded29369 Updated change log and web page 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt 588578f9a8 New -check_media option data_to="-" for standard output 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt 56b2d88667 Mentioned that partition_entry=gpt_basdat and -isohybrid-gpt-basdat create invalid GPT but also a valid MBR partition table 1 month ago
  Thomas Schmitt ffb7fe64c9 New -read_speed prefixes "soft_force:" and "soft_corr:" 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt f23b23fd17 Updated change log and web page 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 04a82ce28d New command -truncate_overwritable 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt ec49c627f9 Silenced an inappropriate note message with -check_media patch_lba0 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3f6195dbe1 Mentioned in man xorriso the directory tree limitation of HFS+ 2 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 2fda271a09 Adapted faq.wiki to Gitea 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8f872bab67 Updated copyright year in README 3 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt af0dd1357b Corrected typo in man xorriso. Thanks Jakub Wilk. 4 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt c51f3813fe Mentioned in man xorrisofs the directory tree limitation of HFS+ 4 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 89fe871067 Corrected a functionality spoiling typo in commit 1170a9b 8 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 1170a9b883 New xorriso-dd-target option -trust_lsblk_udev 8 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 49690fcac7 Added GNU Coding Style compliant versions of contact information to help texts 9 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt bf0a3f015b Added contact information to help texts 9 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 086a9a69fd Corrected computation of end block for GPT erasure 9 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 5a335e5594 Erasing GPT backup header block, if expr is good enough 9 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 43d5804db3 New xorriso-dd-target option -version 9 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 557e69ada1 Using dd option status=progress if available 9 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 56238c3c6a Timestamp for 3466f23 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 3466f2300a New -osirrox option check_md5_on|_off|_force 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 71b61339e9 xorriso-dd-target returned exit value 1 if no device name is given and one of the listed devices is not advisable 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 80e32280aa Corrected description of command -preparer_id 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 239244157b Followed advice of Open Group about shell command "test" 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt b97841b782 Shielded processing of user arguments against leading dashes 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 42df8f913c Fixed the test for mounted devices after umount. Regression by 8fee0fc. 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 93ebe301f7 Removed the work copy xorriso-dd-target.xdt 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 39163b64c8 Replaced xorriso-dd-target by xorriso-dd-target.xdt 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt 8fee0fce40 Created function xdt_unmount from xdt_write_image 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt b8a2a0bdd3 Created function xdt_predict_su_power from end of xdt_arg_interpreter 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt a3a351bb59 Improved handling of dd failure 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt f6c56febbf Some corrections of the previous commit 10 months ago
  Thomas Schmitt ab2af1dff2 A version of xorriso-dd-target with xdt_-prefixed symbols and return instead of exit 10 months ago