Added 300 kB of padding to get rid of warning in doc, plus end sector padding

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Thomas Schmitt 2006-08-31 11:07:28 +00:00
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commit 8642b335bb

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@ -320,12 +320,8 @@ int libburner_regrab(struct burn_drive *drive) {
/** Brings the preformatted image (ISO 9660, afio, ext2, whatever) onto media.
To make sure your image is readable on any Linux machine, you should
add at least 300 kB of padding. This program will not do this for you.
For a file on disk, do:
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1K count=300 >>my_image_file
For on-the-fly streams it suffices to add the 300 kB to the argument for
--stdin_size (which is then needed due to lack of TAO mode).
To make sure your image is fully readable on any Linux machine, this
function adds 300 kB of padding to the track.
Without a signal handler it is quite dangerous to abort the process
while this function is active. See cdrskin/cdrskin.c and its usage
@ -360,7 +356,10 @@ int libburner_payload(struct burn_drive *drive, const char *source_adr,
session = burn_session_create();
burn_disc_add_session(target_disc, session, BURN_POS_END);
track = burn_track_create();
burn_track_define_data(track, 0, 0, 0, BURN_MODE1);
/* a padding of 300 kB is helpful to avoid the buffer-read-ahead bug */
burn_track_define_data(track, 0, 300*1024, 1, BURN_MODE1);
if (source_adr[0] == '-' && source_adr[1] == 0) {
data_src = burn_fd_source_new(0, -1, size);
printf("Note: using standard input as source with %.f bytes\n",