Updated docs about multi-session

Thomas Schmitt 16 years ago
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@ -207,9 +207,10 @@ Run a backup :
No multi session yet.
The major restrictions are lifted now: audio, TAO, multi-session do work.
Many cdrecord options are still unsupported, though.
Please report your wishes about other not yet supported options.
If you have use cases for them, please report your wishes and expectations.

@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ wishes as well as on the development of libburn.</DT>
Burns only a single closed session. No -multi option yet.
Note: Development version 0.2.5 offers multi-session now. See below.
No TAO mode in cdrskin-0.2.4 and therefore no writing on-the-fly without
@ -225,10 +226,14 @@ Enhancements towards previous stable version cdrskin-0.2.2:
default is -tao. With other multi-track sessions, default is -sao.
(The latter is an intentional deviation from cdrecord defaults.)
<LI>Status report during blank, preparation and finalization improved</LI>
<LI>Status report during blank, preparation and finalization improved.</LI>
<LI>Bug fixed: Trailing trash appended to .wav files caused error message
and, if exceeding fifo size, could even stall a burn.
(Workaround: disable fifo by <KBD><B>fs=0</B></KBD>)</LI>
<LI>Bug fixed: False speed with first pacifier cycle. Potential program
abort by floating point exception (NaN).</LI>
<LI>multi-session CDs: <KBD><B>-multi</B></KBD>, <KBD><B>-msinfo</B></KBD>,
writing to appendable CDs (for now restricted to write mode TAO).</LI>